Workshop Series – Removing the Barriers to your Heart


We invite you to join Yuan Tze’s workshop series Removing the Barriers to your Heart. Comprising five one-day workshops, Yuan Tze will help us to understand and work on the patterns that are in the way of manifesting unconditional Five Xin: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Gongjing (True Respect).

Many of us are looking to create more happiness, health, and well-being.  Wherever we are at in this process, we need a clear direction and way to understand what is in the way of building on the positive aspects of life. When we know what is in the way, we can more clearly see and understand how to remove these obstacles and transform our lives.

One of the key pieces to improving our life is being connected with our heart on a deep level.  Our hearts hold the Five Xin qualities, as they are a part of our true nature.  If we look at the obstacles in our life, we can probably see that one or more of these heart qualities are weak or even missing.  They are covered up by our unhealthy patterns.  The good news is that there are tools in Ren Xue to understand and work on these obstacles, enabling these heart qualities to manifest unconditionally.

To help us make progress towards manifesting unconditional Five Xin, Yuan Tze will focus on the following topics over five one-day workshops - follow the links to read more about each workshop:

Replay Available Now
Workshop 1 - Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Trust
Workshop 2 -Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Openness
Workshop 3 - Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Love
Workshop 4 -Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Gratitude

Workshop 5 - Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Gongjing
Sunday, December 18, 9am – 12:30pm  New Zealand Daylight Time
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